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Dungreed is 2D side-scrolling action game with a Rogue-LITE element.

Prologue :

 Suddenly, strange structures appeared in the peaceful village. It was a dungeon! And the dungeon swallowed and destroyed everything in the village. You must rebuild the village and explore the dungeon. Go in to the dungeon, against potential dangers and rescue villagers to solve the problem.

 There is no checkpoint. When you are falling, you come back to the village. Learn and grow to reach deep in to the dungeon.

 Get help from rescued villagers, and native people in the dungeon. They will surely help you!

Key Features :

 - Procedurally generated, but elaborately designed level.
 - Growth system to help dungeon exploration
 - From obsolete sword to high-tech sniper rifle, various weapons and magic items
 - Food pixel art to enhance your appetite!
 - Rebuild the village
 - Various themes in the dungeon such as prison, jungle, lava-zone
 - Monsters, traps, and BOSSES

Published 46 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Boss battle, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Roguelike


Dungreed_Demo.zip 71 MB

Development log


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you should increase the satiety upgrade to 

lvl 1-15 

lvl 2-15

lvl 3-20

im not trying to nag you, i really like this game it's my favourite game on itch.io but there are just so many ways to improve the game im not saying you did a bad job i think you did an amazing job and i love the game, but like i said improvements

Thank you for your many feedbacks. :) and reloading system is very interesting. (Other things too.) 

We will consider your opinion on the improvement of the game. Thank you. :)

i think that the matchlock gun could definitly use a boost it in all honesty is way to under powered i think it should atleast be able to take out a big red bat in 1-2 shots.

 if you make it so it can one shot a big red bat you should increase the reload time by about 0.5 seconds if it 2-shots big red bats then you would be better off leaving it at the same reload and shot speed. 

just a suggestion. ; )

if you could make the round shield appear more in the croc shop that would be awsome as its affect is invincibility on dash 

i have an idea for you.

 the ground were you enter the dungeon if that's still there in the full release you could make it so the at the start of the ground  the dungeon is catered to the charaters current  stats and the further along the ground you go the harder the monsters will be to kill but you would get more gold or better items in the dungeon

also i really like the, long staff

but my favourite weapons are the gwendlyn and helberd i beat belial with them three times

Liking what I'm seeing. Got to the first boss on level two and got destroyed, and im not even mad. Time to try again! Keep up the good work!

I hope you to beat the boss! And thank you for playing. :D 

some the item description wasn't in english so it would be great if you could fix that in the official release

This Game is really fun I know I will be uploading more videos soon on this game

Wow, Thank you for the video. :)  We are looking forward to the next video!

I cannot stop it until I finish lv3 after 2h playing,the dash-attack and shotgun are really cool!The boss's attck is high and the HP is low(perhaps all point in attack,like meXD),so I think it need to be balanced.As a beginner of unity,I'm happy to play this so perfect game,and I think I need to word harder!

We continue balancing and localizing. :) Thank you for your feedbacks!

Sup , i have finish your game , and i want to make a report of my friend impression

So , i really love your game so i think i'll buy it in the complete version , 

we should have the right to keep our weapon when we recome outside by the blue portal and just lose them when we die 

the first boss is really difficult , i just could kill him with the the christmas tree  and the 

minotor life bonus , so you should reduct his power 

i'm also glad to play this game with my low level pc so plz keep the minimalist graphism 

you should put the reload time of weapon 

for the katana you should had the spear effect (do damage in dash)

for the skin : you should add an ninja skin , pirate , knight skin , berserk skin 

for the weapon you should add : a big sword as the dragon slayer of berserk

Oh !  and the save don't work , it work only if we go to the main menu so it's a bit boring

so you should add an save at the moment when we go to outside the dungeon ,

for weapon : you should add a rare revolver that gives you 6 bullet when you dash 

i think the chest appearance is really good ,  

so i like your game i'll buy it thanks :v

Thank you for helping us improve the game. :)

costume(= skin),  improved restaurant, new ability system, monster balancing and more... We are working!  Full version  will be better!  :)

It's fun, challenging, and for some reason, I really love the artstyle! Though, I feel like the dash could have an I-Frame ("Invisibility Frame") to dodge more projectiles, still, I'm in love with it and I hope to see the full version!

Ah! Thank you very much for letting us know about "I-Frame".
About Dash Invincibility, we are working on it. You can meet in ability system later. :)

if you get the round shield you get invincibility on dash so if they added an I-FRAME it would make the shield pretty much useless.

i like your game

Thank you!

Team Horay what game engine did you use

We develop with Unity 5. :)

Are there only the 2 villagers to rescue so far? I have played the game multiple times and can't find anyone else. Other than that it is a great game. Keep up the good work

Thank you. There are more NPCs in full version game.:)

I'm so happy with this game; only one thing bothering me though. There's no I-frames. (pls add)  Also, you shouldn't lose your items if you decide to leave early, it's a real bummer. Other than those two things, this game is amazing.

Thank you for your feedback. There will be changes regarding the issue. 

But I don’t know I-frames. Can you tell me what I-frames is?

It's a really good game, but I think you should be able to keep your items that you find or buy if you go back to the top. Kinda makes it pointless to keep buying things  just to lose them all if you leave. Obviously  if you die you lose them.

Thank you for your feedback!

 We have seen the issue and are discussing improvements.


Awesome! Nice job on the game though. I seriously loved it and will definitely buy it. If you need help with making the english sound better, let me know.

Thank you very much for your attention! :D

You're welcome! Good luck with the game!

Super excited for the full release of this game ! Is there an ETA ?


Thank you! Dungreed will be available via Steam in 1Q 2018. :)

I'm really enjoying the game so far! I love pixel games cause they look so cute and this one does really well in the small pixely style! I love the animations, they're very good at bringing the world to life and the attention to just sutle animations (like the character's hair bobbing with each step) is amazing, and I really love the diversity of NPC's!

So far I only have a couple problems with the game:
I think the load time after getting swallowed by the dungeon is a bit long.
It would be nice to keep my loot, it doesn't really make sense to me why I can't keep anything if I didn't die unless I need to rescue someone who runs a storage shed or something like that.

Some stuff I hope to see in the full realease is:
A character customizer
Speaking of a customizer, maybe a choice of classes would be cool as well

I'm really excited to see the full release! I made a video, I hope you enjoy it and the few more to come. 


Thank you for the video and feedback! We will look for an improvement plan.

And there is a "boutique" in the game, It feels like a class system. :)

in the opening i saw a black smith in the top right corner it might be able to give you weapons found in the dungeon or it might just make more items for you to find in the dungeon im not really sure but there was definitly a guy with a hammer in the opening scene


First of all, wow, thats's a REALLY GOOD game! Good job to the developpers :) I've played it for an hour and this is what I've noticed that need a little of improvement

1. No life system, you get killed, you lose your stuff and have to start again (frustrating)
2. I once get stuck in a room with the Big Red Bat ... but It was my 3rd room in the dongeon, so I had my little cheap sword xD
3. I'd like to keep my weapons from a dongeon to another, especially when you get through without dying :"D
4. The accuracy of Shooting weapons is ..... wel ..... can be improve for sure :) 

So, that's my review, but overall it's a really great game and I would certainly pay for that game

Thank you for your feedback! We have seen the problems and are discussing improvements. Full version will look better. :)

I gave it a try and it's really fun. Controls are fluid and animation is great, I'd just suggest getting an editor to fix a lot of the typos and grammatical issues. Otherwise though it was a blast, and I look forward to the full game.

Thank you for the video.

I promise you that you will see better English text in full version game!  :)

same I cant get past it

Thank you. I'll change the difficulty more easily. :)

Another problem:

In level 3, there is a monster right beside the start point that cannot be avoided. I tried like 5 times, but could not defeat it. I wish I could practice more on fighting it, I couldn't, because I was sent all the way back out of the dungeon with no weapons. If I want to fight it again, I need to go through all the levels before it, it's ridiculous. That's where I gave up playing this game.

2 suggestions:

1. Should be able to keep the weapons. 

2. Should have a teleport to levels you had been to.

Thanks again for the feedback. We will discuss about "shortcuts".
And the difficulty is going to change more easily. Thank you. :)

nevertheless, I made a trailer for you guys using my game play recordings, hope you enjoy it.

Wow the video is cool! Thank you cery much!

shut up and take my money! so, how can i pay?

Thank you very much! Dungreed will release in 2018 1Q! :)

After several hours of playing:

1. bug: in level 1, when u buy stuff and equip it, it will disappear, and u would have wasted your money.

2. suggestion: when you die or get out of the dungeon, all your equipment will be cleared. The next time you go into the dungeon, you can rush directly to level 2, but you don't have any weapons, so you still have to beat level 1 again to collect some weapons. This is quite unnecessary and annoying. Can we keep the weapons or equipment? I really don't want to play level 1, 2 again and again.

(Edited 10 times)

Thank you for your feedback!

About 1: This is not a bug, and it seems that the item was SOLD by "right-clicking when the store panel was opened". I will redesign the item UX so that there is no confusion in the release version.

About 2: We are developing a system to keep items(can not keep ALL though). I will post about the system later. :)

I play on 'awkward' resolutions (720x480, 800x600 and 1024x768), since I have all my itch.io games hooked up to my CRT TV and unfortunatey I am unable to press the 'start' button, something which I assume is related to said resolutions? Any fix available, or do I need to switch to a higher-resolution monitor?

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. You probably can not play well at lower resolutions now.

Dungreed will support resolutions of at least 1024 * 768 res.  We are working on 4: 3 resolution support and it is incomplete now. Thank you. :)

for some reason when I entered the dungron mouth it keeps crashing.

(Edited 2 times)

Thank you for your report. I will check about that problem. And please try temporary solution below : delete all the data in the /StreamingAssets folder. Thank you.

And for anyone who doesn't want to see a boss fight, I present my play through.

Thank you for the video! :)

Played the demo too, reached the boss but.... well... another time. Hopefully when Dungreed launches on Steam. Keep up the good work. :) 


Thank you for the video. There will be more stages and bosses in the release version! :D

Awesome demo you've got here! The mechanics are all really fun and the mobility is fantastic, the glimpse of the huge weapon selection is tantalizing too! The music and pixel are is awesome, surprised me at some points even. The dialogue needs a little bit of work with the translation (South Korean team, correct?) but I can already feel the personalities of all the characters, so they seem well written!

Thank you for the video! And yes, we are in South Korea. :) The problem of translation quality you mentioned is will be fix at the time of the official release. (With the help of a professional translator)

Thank you again! :)

Are you supposed to lose all items you've gained when you return to town via portal? 

Thank you for your feedback.  . As you said, the game's exploring / returning mechanics are going to change because of some problems. We will introduce the system that will change in the future. Thank you. :)

Keeps crashing after going into a save file and going in the Dungon.

Thank you for your report. As a temporary workaround, please remove all files in the /StreamingAssets folder. Thank You.

such a good game

Thank you! :)


(Edited 1 time)

Thank you! We will work hard to make it a more fun game! :)

this could seriosly  be steam lit, and id buy it

This game is awesome, totally addicted!!!

Thank you! :)


Thaks for developing the game. I had a play and did a quick video and have to be honest, I like it. Great pixel graphics, good controls. A great littl alrounder



(Edited 1 time)

Thank you very much for the video! I promise to come with much better game when release.

Thank you again!


It is a really good game as it is. I'll follow you but a big thank you for all your hard work in developing Dungreed.

Good Luck