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Pretty nice game. i did get a little bored of the repetition and the easyness of it (got an assault rifle ) my suggestion is add a bit of challenge like monsters doing more harder jump puzzles and stuff. im' still playing it on my own time but its a good concept

Made a video on this, I did NOT expect to get lost for about 50 minutes in such an amazing game, really had a blast playing it!

Hey, i am doing a assignment at university and wanting to create a game with level generation similar to this game. Is the anyway you can give me insight on how i can achieve something like this? Don't know if you still look at the comments on this. Love the game probably one of the best Roguelike games i've played in the past couple years. 

you know.... there is a software called "jetbrains dotpeek". just open the file "Assembly-CSharp.dll" and you can read all the c# scripts :-) it works for any game. it is called reverse-engineering... must be a great university.

Fun Game. NPC and UI are funky tho

second really good game in itch i found. really best! ty for work!


equip item not work

*work, but strange. i cant equip 1st time.

A chippa of an adventure and well worth your time in.



can u play this

i finaly beat the game

Hello,Team Horay! I tried out your demo for Dungreed. I really enjoyed playing the demo version that you have. Even though I wasn't that great in the video. I hope you and the rest of the gamers will enjoy the game play.

what u put on the altar?



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